Live-Blogging ?


Watching Ted Kennedy speak was nothing short of inspirational.  Here is a man who has a brain tumor, speaking vigorously, enthusiastically, and historically.

The smooch, pre-speech was mildly surprising.


Joe Biden, dancing with his granddaughter. Kind of cute.


Sebelius, showing some skin. In hot pink.

8: 30:

I thought Hillary Clinton lost.

Because you would never guess based on the last two interviews on MSNBC. The only people who mentioned Obama were the interviewees, Pelosi and Schumer. Dying to get the topic off the Clintons.

And now here are Olbermann and Matthews yakking about Clinton supporters.

Ooh and here come the Carters. Looking good.


One response to “Live-Blogging ?

  1. Yeah I changed the channel the obsession with Clinton is so stupid

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