Second of All

For reason’s unknown, Dave likes to watch Fox News sometimes. Keep an eye on the enemy, he says.

Of course they are blathering on about McCain’s possible VP announcement. Will he tonight? Rain on Obama’s historic night? Whatever, just talking about it is taking away from the Dem’s Convention.

Which McCain’s campaign has been doing all week — just trying to distract. So when all of the Democrats who’ve known McCain for years in the Senate got up on stage this week and prefaced their attacks on him with things like “John McCain is a good man, an honorable man…” I was only frustrated.

To hell with whether John McCain is your friend. Do you think the Repubs are going to talk about Obama’s good character next week in St. Paul? No.

The only John McCain I know, from what I have learned in the campaign thus far, is that he is little more than a pandering politician who was only too happy to cow-tow to the extreme right of his party to capture the nomination and perhaps the presidency. His campaign has been misleading, mud-slinging, and crude. I could care less that he was a POW thirty years ago.

He’s a jerk now.


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