Love/Hate Continued

Another good piece from The New Republic, a nice look at what Palin did and did not do in her speech last night. But of course, I love Eve Fairbanks, and I’ve generally enjoyed their Convention coverage. TNR goes after the Repubs when there is an intelligent and cohesive argument to be made against them.


One response to “Love/Hate Continued

  1. It’s easy to get fired up over the McCain, Palin ticket. I can’t say enough about Sarah Palin. I liken her detractors to skaters who go down hard; that look of disbelief. Again, we’re seeing them fold like lawn chairs. It’s long overdue. Anyway, here’s a clip from Jan & Dean. I found it apropos. Better than “Barracuda.” Bet you can’t watch just once: And how ‘bout them Dems: lost in space, or true tales from the Pork-master General:

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