Heartening (anti)Palin News

Mudflats, a WordPress blog about Alaskan politics, has understandably seen it’s readership skyrocket since Palin was named McCain’s VP pick. Today, one of the top posts on WordPress is this, Mudflats really exciting and heartening recap of an event that took place in Anchorage, immediately after Palin’s “Welcome Home” rally.

The event was basically a “Palin Doesn’t Speak for All Alaskan Women” rally, and according to estimates, it drew approximately 1,400 folks, about 400 more than the “Yay Palin Rally”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should hold out hope for Alaska to go blue on November 4th.  The polls have pretty much switched definitively in McCain-Palin’s favor, and there’s no reason to believe that will change.  But to paraphrase from Obama’s keynote speech at the 2004 DNC, we have some gay friends in the red states and some churchgoers in the blue states; we’ve got some Dems in Alaska and some Republicans in Rhode Island. 

And that should make us feel a little bit better on this most-depressing Monday, September 15, 2008.


2 responses to “Heartening (anti)Palin News

  1. “…we’ve got some Dems in Alaska and some Republicans in Rhode Island. ”

    As someone stuck in Republican hell on the east coast, I say Amen, sista.

  2. I as a mother of 2 children am proud to see another mother like Sara Palin, stand up for the innocent babies of this callus world. I pray for women who think her choice is more important than the young life God her to care for. These women can never understand those mother’s who are unable to have children or loose children through no fault of their own. God save the children.

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