Things I Would Like to Talk About Today

But I fear I don’t have the time:

1) How god-awfully lucky we are that Bush (and McCain) didn’t succeed in privatizing Social Security in 2005. Indeed, Social Security seems to be the one financial juggernaut not currently tanking.

2) My continued distaste at women’s blind support for Sarah Palin — case in point, Talk of the Nation yesterday afternoon, during which I was forced to listen to a Libertarian say that, no, she doesn’t agree with Palin, but how can you deny that she’s woman and that’s exciting?!

3) The polls. Looks like the Obama campaign may be going for a win without OH, but with CO, IA, NM, and VA.

4) Joe Biden is in Ohio today !! Unfortunately I can’t get to him, but if you’re in Wooster or Canton today or tomorrow, you should go watch him.

5) Sherrod and Ted are in Athens on Friday, September 19 for an Obama Rally on the OU campus. I too will miss this, as I will be in Erie, Pennsylvania helping with a Congressional race. Bummer. Should be fun.

6) The latest ep of Project Runway — SPOILER — all I can say is: thank god Terry got the boot. She had grown a liiiittle too full of herself. To watch her and Keith duke it out, two overhyped megalomaniacs, that was quite fun.


One response to “Things I Would Like to Talk About Today

  1. Unfortunately its looking more and more like the path of least resistance for Obama runs through all the Kerry states plus Iowa, Colorado, and New Mexico. At this point VA and NC (a PPP poll had a tie) are more likely to flip than Ohio. Ohioans seem uncomfortable with Obama.

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