Project Runway

As we gear up for the final three, I thought I would say a word about last week’s episode.

Suede was getting kind of old as a designer.  But he was nowhere near as off as Kenley was in the last episode.  I’m not really sure why they rewarded Kenley with another week when her “Hip-Hop” outfit was so ridiculous.  It may have been to keep her around to add tension to the mix.  She’s obviously the gravel among the remaining contestants.

So tomorrow we will see who sticks it out for the run-up to the end.  I would be shocked beyond belief if Kenley made it past the next round.  Jorell, Korto, and Leann have all proven themselves to be pretty versatile and creative over the past 9 or ten shows.  Kenley, on the other hand, is limited to 50s style everything.  And she got sassy with Tim last week, which did not sit well with me.

I suppose we shall see…


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