The Long Slog to the End

From Thomas Schaller at Salon’s War Room, on the demise of the GOP:

But mostly it has to do with the fact that a 72-year-old candidate literally embodies a party and an ideology that have grown old in a hurry, and how the personal resentments that candidate exhibits toward his opponent merely confirm that party’s fear of new ideas and the future. Strip away the superficial narratives and horse-race distractions and we see that McCain is a late adopter, the inheritor of a dying movement that mythologizes a past that never really existed and, even if it did, isn’t returning anyway. This is why the senator from Arizona flails around, gasping for air and behaving as if he were unaware that he and his followers have reached the point where nothing — not even a young, cheeky, tabula rasa governor from a separatist state — can save them.

Emphasis mine.  I think that hits the nail on the head, and dovetails nicely with a bit of talk I heard on the radio, on a conservative radio program, as I drove across the southern portion of the state yesterday.  While I don’t think we can make the case for everyone, a lot of folks who are supporting the Democratic ticket this time around feel a sense of the future coming.  The past is past, and it is high time we starting thinking about new paradigms, new ways of conceiving of our country and our policies.  The Republican Party, led by McCain, continues to look back endlessly into the past, for solutions that were broken then and won’t help us now.  Of course this is a broad generalization.  Some of us have a very strong sense of the past and of history, and think there are a variety of lessons to be taken from it, but still see the future as our number one perogative.

And, I think, that encapsulates why I believe that the Democrats are going to win this time.  Progress is inevitable, and it is, yes, sometimes very scary.  History has proven that you can stifle freedom and justice for only so long; eventually the voices of truth and good will ring louder than before — where once there was slavery, now we have a black man on a major party ticket, where once their was no suffrage for women, we’ve had quite a year for female candidates (that’s a story for another time), where once mixed marriages were illegal, now we are on the very cusp of winning the right to marry for all Americans, no matter their race or creed or sexual orientation.

It may sound like a platitude, but progress will win the day.  It always has.


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