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If you haven’t heard by now, John McCain did an interview with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register.  Apparently they are quite a liberal group, as editorial boards go, and they endorsed McCain the Republican primary.  McCain has also been losing to Obama in Iowa in every public poll that has taken place there…

The link includes a video where you can see McCain’s temper flaring a bit as he takes questions that are not to his liking. [Here, also, is a War Room piece on the interview].

When asked about his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate, he refuted all allegations that she doesn’t have experience, and stopping himself from saying something that might have come off as looking tempermental.  The board mentioned that growing numbers of conservatives have become uneasy with the idea of Palin as VP; McCain dismissed them as members of the Georgetown cocktail circuit (although I’m willing to bet McCain’s been to a few cocktail parties in Georgetown in his time).  Finally, he said that he’s still happy with Palin and he’s very happy “the American people seem to agree.”

HA! Even though her favorability has gone down about 20 points since she was first announced.

It seems to me that McCain has become an embattled purveyor of a terrible idea.  You know, when you make the wrong decision and you know it, and everyone calls you on it, but in an attempt to save face you act as if everyone, everywhere just doesn’t get it.

Update: A commenter says that we should have a thorough enough assessment of Palin after 4 years of McCain’s presidency.  Methinks this person and I disagree fundamentally.  But I will say, if the commenter believes that we shouldn’t judge a Vice Presidential candidate until AFTER they’ve been VP for 4 years, rather than through months, if not years, of vetting before hand by the media and the American public, we are living in a crazy, crazy world.


One response to “Des Moines Register

  1. Time will tell – 4 years should be long enough for a thorough assessment on the quality of his selection.
    See for more.

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