Transition Teams

Sam Stein (!) over at the Huffington Post has a piece on Presidential Transition Teams.  Unsurprisingly, Obama’s team is in full swing while McCain’s is not.  According to Sam, this is two-fold: McCain wants to focus more on winning the election, and he feels it’s bad luck to plan for a presidency before it’s won (McCain is notoriously superstitious).

The disparate approach that each campaign has taken to the transition process is in some ways a reflection of the personality of the candidates themselves. Obama’s efforts have been criticized as presumptuous by the McCain campaign. But veterans of the process argue that the well-organized plan that Obama is pursuing will help ensure smooth continuity between administrations, not to mention avoid embarrassing political hiccups.

It’s an interesting read, as it’s on a subject that we don’t hear a whole lot about. Incidentally, the Presidential Transition Team, after Election Day, will be located in the building a good chunk of the Antitrust Division just moved into.


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