Cosmonaut Cooperation

I try to read the Science section of the Times often, particularly mining for the bits on space.  Aliens really intrigue me, but I’ll settle for something on the space program if necessary.  There’s a great piece today by John Schwartz on the American astronauts living and working in Star City, Russia.  The focus is mainly on the relationship that has developed over the past fifteen years between cosmonauts and astronauts, and what the next seven years holds.

When the space shuttle program is shut down in 2010, NASA won’t unveil the new Constellation program until 2015.  This means that Russia will be the only country capable of sending people to the International Space Station during the interim.  Americans are confident that the transition will go smoothly, because the relationship between Russian and American spacegoers has been very good since about 1997.

I’m interested, so I’ll keep you posted.  If anything about aliens piques my interest, expect to read about aliens.


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