The Fetus in the Room

Yet again, the issue of abortion rears its head.  The Times has an editorial today explaining the downright disgusting ballot initiatives this year trying to limit reproductive rights in South Dakota, Colorado, and California.

The Colorado initiative seems to me the most frightening, as it attempts to bestow upon fertilized eggs many of the rights given to babies after birth.  As the editorial points out, this amendment:

“Carries broad implications, ranging from harmful to downright ridiculous. Potentially, it could ban widely used forms of contraception, curtail medical research involving embryos, criminalize necessary medical care and shutter fertility clinics. A damaged fertilized egg might be eligible for monetary damages.”

I wonder sometimes if the people who come up with these things consider the gag-worthy human impact.

If a woman becomes unknowingly pregnant, thus fertilizing an egg inside of her, while taking birth control — and then continues to take her birth control — is she meant to pay for potentially killing that fertilized egg?  Is someone to say that to continue taking the same low dose of hormones that she has taken for years is murder?  This is to discuss nothing of miscarriage.  Are we to punish women for accidentally, and often tragically, losing their unborn children?

It makes me downright squeamish, as a woman, to think that anything within the confines of my uterus is the domain of someone else. Sarah Palin said in her interview with Katie Couric that no woman should go to prison for having an abortion.  But what about the doctor who performs it? Or the pharmacist who prescribes the morning-after pill?  There is either a line or there isn’t, as far as I’m concerned.

If these people are so intent on saving human life, focus instead on saving the millions of children who die every year of starvation and of poverty, or on ending this senseless war and preventing the deaths of thousands more military men and women.

Life is for the living.  That means protecting the life and respecting the choice of the woman who is pregnant.


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