Tales from the House

I don’t mean to complain about our house, because it’s a lovely little house that we’ve made to look quite nice.  But there are so many silly flukes around here I can’t help but point them out.  I should have mentioned this awhile ago, but there’s a huge Walnut Tree in our front yard. It’s perfectly placed so that in the summer it shades the house and keeps it cool, and in the winter, once the leaves are all gone, I would assume it allows the sun to come in (we’ve yet to see the results of the warming, as our house currently is freezing while it’s 75 degrees outside).

The thing is — the walnuts fall on our house ALL THE TIME.  When they fall they crash loudly on the roof, so that if you didn’t know there was a walnut tree up there, you’d think someone was throwing boulders out of a plane aimed at our house.  And then they end up in funny places, like in weird nooks and crannies on our bikes or around the yard.

I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by one of these suckers, propelled by gravity to the roof above my head.  It’s pretty scary.  I thought someone was trying to break in the other night, amid my sleepy stupor.


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