De Ja Vu?

I realize that we probably watch Meet the Press and This Week every Sunday because it makes us feel just a little bit more politically savvy than if we didn’t watch.  But I think the biggest reason we watch is to make fun of the blatherings of the roundtables.

Take for instance this opening statement from George Will about the state of the presidential race (I paraphrase): “You know, George, this election already has the feel of…1864.”

Excuse me?

I am all for historical comparisons.  I LIVE for historical comparisons.  I will stake my career on historical comparisons.  But come on.  I would never claim to use my feelings to make such a comparison.  Was George Will alive in 1864 to have felt the national mood?

He opened his mouth and I expected him to say 1984, or 1968, when he was following the presidential race.  But no.  He has to reach out and say it feels like 1864.  Next time I’m talking politics I’m going to go ahead and say the mood is reminiscent of 1776.  Just for fun.


One response to “De Ja Vu?

  1. Paul Benedict

    No, Will wasn’t alive in 1864. He heard the comparison from a candidate who was though. He said, “My friend…”

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