Clothes Horse II

Let’s get this straight: I don’t object to Sarah Palin spending $150,000 on her clothes to look “polished” and pretty up there on stage and during her interviews.  I similarly don’t object to anyone with a lot of money spending $500 on a Ralph Lauren Black Label cardigan when there was a similar cardigan for $100 at JCrew (or even $25 at Kohl’s).

I think the issue was put into perspective for me when I read that $150,000 wouldn’t even get you airtime during primetime for a campaign ad.  So — it’s all about image.  Fine.

So, three things.  First, as Rick Hertzberg pointed out yesterday, why was the RNC so stupid to take this money from it’s campaign coffers?  Why not have Cindy McCain pay for it — what’s $150,000 to her?  Second, are we really supposed to believe that all of the clothing will be given away to charity after the campaign?  Because this only mildly assumes that Sarah Palin ain’t winning anything on November 4th.  If she were to be come VP, wouldn’t see need all of these classy togs?  And third, as I said yesterday, don’t go crowing about how you are the party of the people, and then wear Manolo Blahniks.  Please.  Here I am trying to decide whether bringing an organic cake to the family event this weekend might make me look too “elite” and Sarah Palin is running around in shoes that cost more than most “Joe Sixpack’s” yearly clothing budget.


One response to “Clothes Horse II

  1. Just want you to know, I read your blog fairly obsessively. Much easier than trying to keep up with all of this myself. Xoxo to you CQ.

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