Socialist, and Proud of It

A week or so ago, when John McCain first began throwing out the socialist allegations, we had a pretty hearty laugh about Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont.  We figured the best way for Obama to refute the charges was to have Sanders headline a TV ad, in which he says: “I’m Bernie Sanders. I know what a socialist looks like. Me! And I can sure as hell tell you, Barack Obama is no socialist.”

Then I voted early and noticed that there was a candidate for the Socialist Party U.S.A. on the ballot for president.  And, what do you know, Kate Marsh, over at The New Republic, interviewed their candidate, Brian Moore, to get the skinny on socialism in America today.

Fox News has been the only news network to give Moore any coverage this cycle:

Kate Marsh: Well, on Fox, Neil Cavuto has leveled some really nasty charges against you and your organization. How does it feel to be called Swedish?

Brian Moore: Ironically, a few days before the interview, the head of the new left national party in Sweden endorsed me.

KM: So Cavuto really called you out?

BM: He was right on!

My favorite part of the interview:

KM: What kind of first lady would your wife, Peggy, make?

BM: She’d be really different. During the primary, she said if Hillary loses, she’ll vote for me.

KM: You didn’t automatically get her vote?

BM: She’s very independent minded. She was a banker for 25 years.

KM: But you’re a socialist?!

BM: She doesn’t agree with me. She’s a capitalist. I’m a stay at home dad. My wife works. I do a lot of work around the house.

Let’s at least show a little love for Brian Moore, who seems, like a good guy, if a little brow beaten.


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