Okay, One Quick Thought

Re: Palin’s decision to join the McCain ticket.

From Thomas Schaller over at the War Room:

All of which brings me to my primary response to the question of whether we should sympathize with or scoff at Sarah: She could have declined McCain’s offer. If she felt inadequate or unprepared before taking on the task of being a major-party national ticket nominee, or if she was worried about the scrutiny she, her record, her ideas, or her family would receive, she could have simply said “No.” Maybe American politics today has gotten so out of control that it deters otherwise great future leaders from running for office because of the expectations and level of scrutiny imposed on them. But it darn sure doesn’t seem to deter folks who have some strange ideas, conflicting records, weird personal backgrounds and other odd features from running. The fact is that Sarah Palin is an adult, with eyes wide open, who understands the consequences of modern politics, and who chose, like Kidman’s character in the movie, to walk straight ahead toward those beaming, bright lights. And so, ultimately, the blame rests with her and her only.

Indeed.  In fact, I’ve felt since Palin was chosen that, had she had the best interests of her party in mind, she would have said no to McCain’s offer, to begin with because she was unqualified and that fact would soon become apparent, and secondly because her children, from the pregnant Bristol to baby Trig, would need her more than the American public.

It seems that she might have her own messiah complex — believing herself to be the only savior of the GOP, when she turned out to be exactly the opposite.


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