Did You Know? Of the Day

In honor of Halloween, I thought we would turn to every trick-or-treaters’ favorite candy, Candy Corn.  According to Haunted Bay, a website devoted to all things spooky, candy corn was invented in the 1880s:

Wunderle Candy Company of Philadelphia was the first to go into commercial production. However, the company most closely associated with this wonderful confection is the Goelitz Confectionery Company. Founder Gustav Goelitz, a German immigrant, began commercial production of the treat in 1898 in Cincinnati and is today the oldest manufacturer of the Halloween icon.

Cincinnati! That’s in Ohio.  Apparently, a lot of complex love went into making these little guys; so complex, in fact, that I’m going to skip right over that and get to what makes them unique:

All this strenuous labor wasn’t lost on the tiny candy. It’s tricolor design was considered revolutionary for its time and people flocked to buy them. Their shape was also a big selling point for the mostly agrarian population of the early 1900’s. So popular was candy corn that companies tried other vegetable shapes including turnips.

Candy Turnips? No thanks. Nowadays manufacturers just stick to the corn shape.  It seems more autumny that way.


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