Youth, Speak Now!

Or forever hold your peace.

The War Room is discussing the possibility that young people won’t turn out (again, terrible kids) this year, because they haven’t been showing up in the same record numbers as African-Americans during the early voting period.

My thoughts about this are two fold:

1) While I certainly think I have sometimes civic-lazy friends (I won’t name names, but there was someone who didn’t vote against Lieberman in 2006 when she had the chance) I am confident that all of them are voting this year.  No doubt.  But I also think that with work obligations, it makes it much harder to get to a polling place for 2 or even 4 hours on a day that is not the official Election Day.  I’m living the life of a retiree here in Athens, Ohio, but all of of those friends in the big city are more limited in taking time to vote early.

2) I hate to say this, but most white people have never really faced voter suppression.  I would say that a lot of African-Americans are turning out early in the hope that they won’t have to deal with shenanigans on Election Day; if they’ve already voted, they can disregard all of the shady attempts to prevent them from voting the day of.  Not to mention that they are excited!

I just hope that old people stop ragging on the young kids this time around.  We’re just trying to get out of the rut your boomer generation got us into.


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