There’s Work to Be Done

I guess it’s time to stop my mushy crying and get to mentioning that it seems all but certain today that Rahm Emanuel will be Obama’s Chief of Staff.  Despite Rahm losing his senior post in the House, I think he’ll do a fabulous job.  He’s just the kind of tough guy Obama needs in there to get things done.

So, that leaves a whole host of jobs still to be filled.  From what I understand, the Obama White House intends to be the most bipartisan, transparent White House in many years.  Let’s hope so.

I think we’re going to be very surprised by a lot of the appointments and decisions over the next few weeks, given Obama’s propensity to look outside of the box.

The scuttlebutt says the Gates will stay on at Defense, Sumners might be a top pick for Treasury, and Janet Napolitano for AG.  I think Gates and Naplitano are safer bets — Sumners might be a little too Clinton for this moment in time.  But maybe not.  I’ll be surprised if I’m not surprised.

I remember in 2000 the intense depression as I pored over the NYT charts and graphs and articles about Bush’s Cabinet appointments.  This is like waking up from a very long nightmare!

It’s a beautiful day.


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