Okay, Here’s the Weirdest Thing I Read About the Udalls Today

There are political junky families, and then there are political families.  And boy are the Udalls ever an example of a political family.

Interested in the familial bonds tying the Udall first cousins to their double second cousin, Gordon Smith, I went over to Wikipedia to see what there was to see.  I’m a little taken about by the political history their family provides.

Mo and Stewart Udall were brothers, both Congressmen.  Their father, Levi Udall and their uncle, Jesse Udall, married sisters.  Mo’s son is Mark Udall and Stewart’s son is Tom Udall.  Jesse Udall’s grandson  is Gordon Smith.

Not to mention that scores of other Udalls have been or are currently important political figures in the West.  That should be enough.

But, from the annals of very odd, the westernmost point in the United States, Point Udall, Guam is named for Mo Udall.  The easternmost point in the United States, Point Udall, U.S. Virgin Islands is named for Stewart Udall.  Whatever process led to that decision — whoa.


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