Speculation Nation

The Transition Has Begun!  As we begin to learn the names of Obama’s appointments, I thought it would be fun to make some predictions.  Below is my list.  I’ll fill in the actuals as they are revealed.

Appointment Prediction Actual
State I predict this pick will surprise us, no Kerry, no Richardson.
Attorney General Janet Napolitano
Treasury Larry Sumners
Defense Chuck Hagel
Labor Robert Reich
Commerce Penny Pritzker
Transportation No guess.
HUD No guess.
Education Kathleen Sebelius
Interior It’d be nice to see a Native American in this slot, but I doubt it. No guess.
Agriculture Tom Vilsack
HHS Tom Daschle
Energy Chatters say Gore, but I disagree. No guess.
Homeland Security

Arguably as important a pick as any, given the state of disarray HS is in right now. No guess.

Veterans Affairs No guess.
National Sec. Counc. James Steinberg
DNC Chair Dean, then Plouffe

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