Stupid Things Obama Will Not Do

There’s been some whispering that, in order to “get her out of his hair,” Obama will appoint Hillary Clinton the the Supreme Court as soon as there is a vacancy.


No way, Jose.

Not only was Hillary Clinton a pretty clear Obama supporter by the end of the campaign, but she seems to be angling, eventually, for the Majority Leader position.  To be the first serious female presidential contender and then the first female Senate Majority Leader, not to mention a former first lady, I think Clinton would not have to worry about her legacy much.

But here’s the real reason this is a stupid whisper, and Obama would not follow through: President-elect Barack Obama taught Con Law at the University of Chicago.  He’s shown a real fluency in issues of constitutional law, and a real respect for the workings of the Court.  I expect that his judicial nominations, particularly those for the Supreme Court, will be top-notch constitutional thinkers.  People who are considered some of the greatest minds on the issues of the most importance — be they judges or legislators, etc.

Just a guess.


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