It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but there’s not nearly as much meat to write about in a post-election world.  Be on the look out for more Did You Know? segments.

Just kidding. I’ll try and keep up with the three still-undecided Senate races (Georgia, Alaska and Minnesota) and the Presidential Transition.  Huffington Post is feeling the withdrawal too: their top story tonight seems to be the Obama’s first POST-ELECTION DINNER (!) at Spiaggia in Chicago.  Don’t worry, the Obama’s chauffered SUV took only 15 minutes to get from 980 N. Michigan to their home in Hyde Park.

But seriously — here is a Did You Know? for today.

Robert Byrd has been asked to step down from the chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee for the upcoming Congress, due in part to his old age.  He is not only the longest serving Senator currently serving in the United States Senate.  If he continues to serve through next November, he will become our longest serving Congressperson, service in the Senate and the House combined.

But this is the real Byrd kicker: Robert Byrd was first elected to the Senate in the 1950s.  He is now the only living Senator to have served in that decade.  Think about that.  Of the 99 other Senators serving in 1959, Byrd is the only one still alive today.

Here is the best Robert Byrd video, ever:


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