Outstanding Senate Seats

Alaska. Begich is now leading Stevens by 814 votes.  Sean Quinn at FiveThirtyEight says that the remaining 40,000 or so votes to be counted come from Begich-friendly areas.  They are now predicting a Begich win. Fingers crossed.

Minnesota. Norm Coleman’s team is plumbing the depths of the 2000 Florida recount; in doing so they are making themselves look like really sore winners/losers.  Although the recount is mandated by law because Coleman’s margin of victory is so small (less than 500 votes last Tuesday, now down to 206 votes), Coleman has called on Franken to concede for the good of the country.  Please! Obviously Franken did not concede — now Coleman is calling the recount fraudulent and taking aim at the Democratic Secretary of State (who, by the way, has put prominent Republicans in oversight positions to ensure bipartinsanship in the recount).  What a jerk.

Georgia. McCain is going down to the Empire State of the South to do a little campaigning for Saxby Shameless — er, Chambliss.  Obama has sent aides, but is not expected campaign himself unless Jim Martin begins to look like a sure thing.  Which I am unfortunately confident won’t happen.  I certainly don’t want to concede this one, but of the three seats still for the taking, I feel the least sure that Martin will pull out a win.


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