Out There Conjecture of the Day

There are a lot of reasons to believe Hillary Clinton would not want to become Obama’s Secretary of State.  Seth Colter Walls at Huffington Post sums them up nicely:

The aide noted that while the Senator began her campaign with only a couple-hundred thousand email addresses in her database, she now has “at least three to five million.” Indeed, even as her name was being discussed non-stop on cable news channels, Clinton’s political action committee sent out a fundraising pitch Friday on behalf of Al Franken, who is still locked in an extended battle with Norm Coleman over a Senate seat in Minnesota.

Among other dilemmas are facing Clinton, according to the campaign aide — who requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the situation — is whether the Secretary of State’s role in an Obama administration would be diminished by the large role in foreign affairs that will likely be played by Vice President-elect Joe Biden. In addition, there is the question of whether or not Clinton will want to give up a safe Senate seat for life for a job from which she could be summarily fired without notice.

“Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the president,” the aide said. “Does she want to go from being a First Lady to a major Senator and someone with a big presidential candidacy to someone who could just be fired one day? I don’t know.”

Which leads me to believe that, even if Obama offers, she won’t bite and Obama knows it.  What if this meeting had more to do with Clinton’s future in the party?  Majority Leader to be?  Or was the meeting about Bill?  When Hillary was running for president a lot of people speculated that she would have liked to appoint him Secretary of State, but could not due to anti-nepotism laws.  That’s a way out there supposition — and isn’t really that much of a guess, just a musing.  But I thought I would put it out there.  Obama isn’t likely to appoint a SoS that he has big problems with; and Bill isn’t likely to take it either — but I otherwise don’t really see a purpose to Obama and Clinton’s meeting.  Unless I’m way way off and he really does want to appoint her to the Supreme Court (again, I don’t think so).  Stevens is openly contemplating retiring as soon as possible.


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