The Smartest Man Alive?

Could be Paul Krugman.

The guy did win a Nobel Prize in Economics this year — and not for his teaching or his columns.

I have to wonder why he’s not one of Obama’s economic advisers and why he isn’t in the running to become the financial czar of the United States.

It’s times like these that make me glad to live in a place relatively immune to the ups and downs of the economy.  But I worry about what the next year or two will bring — especially if Dave and I are both in school for an overlapping amount of time.  Even government jobs, legal jobs and new media jobs aren’t safe from belt tightening.

Update: Jordan, in Comments, makes a good point, which I am well aware of but let slip my mind while I was praising Krugman.  He was extremely critical of Obama during the primaries, particularly on the healthcare mandate issue.  Although, that sort of apostasy doesn’t seem to be hurting others who didn’t endorse, or openly fought against, Obama (cough, cough Hillary).


One response to “The Smartest Man Alive?

  1. Because he spent a lot of the primary really criticizing Obama

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