Bond Gets a B+

That’s the grade I’m comfortable giving right now.  It was good, and much pithier than I expected it to be, considering the habit these days to film long, contorted storylines.  I liked the plot, especially the anti-imperialism/anti-corporation concept that made you think about the interests of your government versus the best interests of the people.  That sounds trite, I’m sure — but I don’t want to give away the whole movie.  Go see it.  If you live in Athens, Ohio it’s only $6.50 for a ticket (!).

The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the mini-story involving Strawberry Fields.  You get the sense that they cut a scene or two there.

Quantum of Solace — B+

Daniel Craig — A +


2 responses to “Bond Gets a B+

  1. Just wondering if Mr. Craig recieved an A+ for his acting abilities or his aesthetic appeal?

  2. Quantum of Solace – C-

    Daniel Craig – B-

    Court, you’re far too generous with your ratings. The movie was average at best, it had a confusing plot, a bad Bond girl, and made an environmental group as the bad guy!

    As for Craig, his Casino Royale performance was much better. This whole vengeful Bond thing didn’t work in License to Kill and it didn’t work this time. Bond has a soul and blindly killing people for no reason other than to make him feel better is not it. The only reason why he doesn’t grade lower is he is supposed to be a “Young Bond” so I hope that he grows and gets a soul.

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