Ace of Cakes

Is one of my all time favorite TV shows.  But it’s on at very odd hours.  Or at least I’ve never gotten the hang of figuring out when it’s on (and apparently never thought to Tivo it).  Much to my surprise, it’s on right now!

Today they are making a Noah’s Ark cake, a Subway cake and a Delta 767.  It’s very exciting.

Update: My friend Liz, in Comments, agrees.  I find it sort of funny that we were both watching this show at the same time hundreds of miles apart.  Perhaps she is my soulmate?


One response to “Ace of Cakes

  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    HA, funny, I watched this episode last night and was thinking THE EXACT SAME THING. Specifically because I had already seen this episode and was wondering if there are new episodes that come on? Might be time to DRV it, first-runs only.

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