Saturation of a Public Image

Do you ever feel like someone pops up on the scene, pretty quickly, and then proceeds to appear just about everywhere?  You get the sudden feeling that this person has materialized out of thin air only to sort of creep you out in every article or on every television show?

I’ve felt this sensation twice in recent days.  I wonder if you have too.

The first culprit: John Kyl.  Barely a peep out of the guy for the duration of the election.  Suddenly, he’s everywhere! On every news show, answering questions from the Senate.  Interviewed for every story pertaining to Congressional Republicans.  Even part of a piece on Janet Napolitano’s potential bid for the Senate in 2012. Against John Kyl!

Then there’s Malcolm Gladwell.  If you don’t recognize his name you obviously haven’t been as taken aback by his emergence into the national consciousness as I.  I should rephrase that — I’m sure he’s been a part of the national consciousness before this; I didn’t really take notice until now.  He’s been on The Colbert Report, The Rachel Maddow Show, and it turns out now that he’s the former college roommate of Atlantic blogger Jeffrey Goldberg.  He is also the author of some very intriguing and extremely successful books.

I’m tempted to pick up one of those books to read during the holiday season, but I fear I’ll only be buying into this media glut tour that Malcolm Gladwell has gotten a ticket for.


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