Celebrity is Overrated, Anyway

Joe Biden made some remarks at the Govenor’s Meeting today that underscored his lack of celebrity.  In Salon’s discussion of those remarks, they re-told a really funny story about the Johnson days:

There’s a story, likely apocryphal, that when Winston Churchill died, then-President Lyndon Johnson was too sick to attend the funeral. An aide suggested they send “Hubert,” and Johnson asked, “Hubert who?” (The answer, of course, was Hubert Humphrey, Johnson’s vice president.)

It’s hard to believe Johnson wouldn’t have known that.  But then again, the story is pretty hilarious because we’ve all been there at one time or another. You completely blank on information you are hardwired to know.


One response to “Celebrity is Overrated, Anyway

  1. Ha. I find this funny in the same way I would find a kitten falling into a bowl of milk funny. Hilarious and adorable at the same time. And I am sure that the legacy Johnson would aiming for–adorable!

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