Change You Should Really Believe In

If you thought you would never agree with Peggy Noonan, today is the day hell hath frozen over.  In her Wall Street Journal column yesterday, Noonan made the following suggestion to President-Elect Obama:

By the way, [Barack Obama] should both reorder the Department of Homeland Security, that hopeless bureaucracy, and change its name. Homeland is a Nazi-ish word, not an American concept at all. And at this point “Homeland Security” is associated more with pointless harassment than safety. No one knows who came up with it.

That’s a sentiment I can whole heartedly support.  I’ve long felt that way, and I’m glad to see it getting mainstream attention right now.  Tim Fernholz at the American Prospect suggests we rename it Department of National Security or the Domestic Security Agency, anything at all really except something with Homeland in the title.

(Via TWM).


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