And He’s Surprised No One Believes Him?

Update: Gawker on Piven’s doctor’s shady past…

Jeremy Piven has been doing a show on Broadway, “Speed the Plow”, for a few months, but has abrutly left claiming that he has been suffering from extreme mercury toxicity.

His doctor had this to say:

Colker tells ET that Jeremy has been an avid sushi eater for many years, regularly eating sushi twice in one day. He notes that Jeremy has also taken certain Chinese herbs, and that, in combination with the frequent sushi consumption, could have led to these elevated mercury levels. He informs us that a test revealed that Jeremy had the highest level of mercury that he has ever seen, which amounts to six times a healthy amount of mercury, in his system.

Perhaps that’s true.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. But I also know that to publicize “Speed the Plow” Piven went on Letterman a few months ago and looked to be pretty viscerally coked up.  Dave and I were stunned at how fast he was speaking, how intensely he spoke — it was very odd behavior.  So, while he may have high mercury levels, I would not be surprised to discover that there was something else behind his getting so very ill.


One response to “And He’s Surprised No One Believes Him?

  1. But he so good in Entourage…

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