Excellence in Flight

I’ve been flying to and from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for 10 years now.  It’s usually a pretty miserable experience, made only slightly better by getting to drive home from the airport instead of making a connecting flight, unlike thousands of other people.

Over the years I’ve had so many terrible, very bad treks through that airport that I’ve become numb to its annoyances.  Which is why I’m happy to report today that my experience at Hartsfield throughout the holidays was excellent.  So good in fact that I wrote them a note to let them know.

I anticipated an unnaturally long security line, winding in complete disarray full of people who appear to have never been through any kind of security in their lives.  Surprise! Since I was last in the airport, Hartsfield built an entirely new and separate security area, apart from the big line that literally took us two minutes to pass through.  Then, when we landed back in Atlanta many days later, despite the size of our plane, the causeway was attached and the passengers deplaned in record time.  I don’t know if Hartsfield is trying to downplay its reputation as the busiest airport in the world, but they were doing a great job.

We were also lucky enough to fly on a Airtran flight with Airtran’s “Crew of the Month,” selected from the airline’s 2500 crews.  “Crew of the Month” is no “Crew of the Year”, and the co-captain didn’t tell us who did the selecting, but it was pretty exciting to clap for them.


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