We’re At it Already

We can’t know for sure at this point how the 2010 mid-term elections will shape up, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will probably be another bad year for the GOP.  With not even an inkling of a good idea heading into Obama’s inauguration, they look like a bunch of blithering fools (case in point: Boehner’s repeated assertions that more spending isn’t going to help the economy — wrong!).

Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida and Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri have declined to run for re-election and speculation has begun that Ohio’s two-term Senator (and former two-term Governor) George Voinovich might not run for re-election either.

I don’t think the article has it quite right about which Democrats will likely contest Voino (or whichever GOP-candidate is elected to replace him, should he choose not to run).  I definitely don’t believe Secretary of State Brunner will run, or, if she does, I doubt she’ll win the primary.  She was highly unpopular during the presidential election, particularly among Republicans, and looked all-around bungled on a lot of issues, even to Democrats.  It would be surprising if she managed to win re-election to her current post.

The new Attorney General, Richard Cordray, is a first-rate guy, and really bright, but he may a future at the Governor’s Mansion (at least I hope so).  As for Lt. Governor Lee Fischer I don’t know; but I do think there are other Democratic contenders unmentioned in the Dispatch article, namely Rep. Zack Space, who currently represents Ohio’s 18th.

In any case, if Voinovich’s re-election chances look less than stellar, I would not be surprised if he chooses not to run and instead leaves office as a distinguished statesman.  That would be better for everyone.


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