Bill Kristol — Out to Ruin Another Year

The prayers of millions have apparently not been answered: Bill Kristol is still writing a column for the New York Times. And, as if to rub this in the face of his critics, his column today begins thus:

Barack Obama made news Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”: The White House dog will likely be a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog.

I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed. These are nice, friendly, generally obedient breeds (or in the case of the Labradoodle, a crossbreed). But what a missed opportunity! Obama could have made a bolder, edgier choice, like a mini-Australian shepherd. I happen to know one well. He’s very smart, a bit neurotic, devoted to his master (if sometimes confused about whether he or the master is the master), and always looking for people to herd. A mini-Aussie would have fit right into a White House populated by Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Joe Biden et al. Instead, Obama’s going with a no-drama canine alternative.

And he seems to be going for the no-dramatic-change-in-policy-in-the-White-House alternative as well.

Ah yes. The old “pet as presidential metaphor”.  I had been thinking myself, after watching Obama discuss the dog-situation on This Week, that if Obama really wanted to keep a clean, drama-free home, he would tell his daughters the deal was off and get a cat instead.  They’re smarter and require a lot less upkeep.

Oh well.  I guess Obama’s decided to have a drama-filled White House!

To save you the trouble, the rest of the column is a whole lot of blather about how Obama knows his campaign was full of nothing but rhetoric and the next four years will mostly be more of what we’ve been living with four eight years.  By the end, Kristol thinks Obama will be calling Dick Cheney for advice.


This brand of writing, this method of effort free work is called, I believe, phoning it in.


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