Squaring the Circle

Sometime during the presidential campaign, Andrew Sullivan wrote a long post on Barack Obama’ support for gay civil unions, but not for full marriage writes.  If I remember correctly (and I should do some digging to find this post, but Sullivan posts a million times a day — those archives are daunting) Sullivan concluded that Obama must secretly support gay marriage, but had to pretend he did not in order to appeal to a wider group of Americans.

I tend to agree.  For me, among high-level liberal Democrats civil union is code for “I wish I could support gay marriage but the right would villify me right now”.  It’s a pretty irritating trend, and I suspect in fifteen years the issue will look very different, as the older-entrenched opponents to gay marriage either wane in influence or die (crudeness aside).

Well, surprise, surprise.  The Windy City Times published a piece yesterday that seems to make Sullivan’s conclusion all the more correct.   Obama circa 1996 (via War Room):

in a response to a newspaper’s questionnaire, he wrote, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

During the election, according to Alex Koppelman, the Times had made the allegation, but have only now found the document backing it up.  Obama’s team has not responded for comment.

No shock, considering there isn’t much left to say except, “It was politically necessary”?


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