That Plane Crash

I’m a sucker for plane trouble.  Makes me weepy and nervous.  I’m extremely glad that all of the passengers are okay, and impressed at the amount of calm and restraint that seemed to define the de-planing/rescue process.

One guy talking to Wolf Blitzer said that he tried to go out through the middle exit door, but the boat there was too full, so he walked back through the plane and went out through the front exit door instead.  That reminds me more of a crowd getting off of a busy subway train, than being saved from a sinking, recently crashed airplane.

They are saying it was birds, perhaps a flock of geese, that were whipped into the engine and subsequently caused the trouble.  When you consider how many geese/birds/avian creatures there are, it’s kind of amazing to think that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.


One response to “That Plane Crash

  1. Gee Court, planes and birds. Mom and and I are wondering if you will ever fly again.

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