What Is Up With Rosario Dawson?

She hosted SNL last night — which, by the way, was a really disappointing episode, particularly after the hilarious turn the show took when Neil Patrick Harris hosted last week.

I remember I had seen a picture of Dawson at the Republican National Convention, which, pardon my partisanship, did not endear her to me.  Sure enough, when we looked her up last night, she attended not only the RNC but also the Democratic National Convention.

Although her Wikipedia page doesn’t go into the details of her convention trips, she does seem to be  involved in a lot of charitable and non-partisan political work.  I imagine it was in that role that she attended the conventions.

In any case, if you can fish up whether she is a Republican (perhaps via her Cuban heritage?) or a Democrat, I’d be heavily indebted.

Bonus points if you can figure out what happened in the writers room at Saturday Night Live to cause such a dramatic downturn in funniness between last week and this.  After watching NPH, I was pretty sure the show had revamped itself with it’s new cast members for a new year.

Case in point: The opening segment this week was Diane Sawyer’s interview with Dick Cheney. I give credit to Kristen Wiig, who played Sawyer, for not bringing her usual crazy person/epilectic tendency to the character, but the sketch was simply not funny.  Cheney (Darrell Hammond) kept saying he did not regret increasingly regrettable things; there was so much to mine from Cheney’s various exit interviews, from his inability to acknowledge that people don’t like him, to his overwhelming role in the Bush Administration.  Why leave that untouched?


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