Lost — Premiere

All right, so I’ve just finished watching the 2 hour premiere.  All Lost posts will begin after a jump, to save anyone who wanders over here from accidentally reading something that will spoil the show for them.

My initial thought was how much the show has changed in the years since it began.  The first season was so scary, with mysterious Others cloaked in shadow wandering the jungle, stealing 815’s survivors.  What a far cry from the present day, with the Oceanic 6 running from an unknown enemy and the police in the city of Los Angeles.  The fear is still there, the danger has just changed its name.

Mr. Friendly, Ms. Clue — even Mikhail seem like distant memories, not to mention Boone and Libby (which reminds me that we still don’t know about Libby!)

As Juliet, Sawyer, Faraday, Locke, and co. time warp through the island’s history (mostly recent, as far as I could tell, though the three men in jumpsuits at the end of the second hour seemed older) it’s like a Lost greatest hits: Yemi’s plane, the Virgin Mary dolls, Ethan looking sinister, Desmond in his haz suit, full of anxiety.  I’m half expecting them to watch 815 break apart in the sky or for Rousseau to come trudging along, rifle in hand.

Obviously Richard Alpert and his group are impervious to the time warping, all knowing and apparently immortal.  They seem to move with the Island, seem to know what is going on.  I wonder if Desmond is one of them now, given that Faraday said he is special — his memory of the Faraday incident, in which he was told to go to Oxford — he’s experienced something, from the hatch implosion and the fail safe key, to the time travel/The Constant scenarios that no one else has (so we know).

We now know that the Island’s energy is capable of time travel, that the Dharma Initiative took pains to keep that energy from releasing (has it happened before?) and that Faraday was there.  He must have time traveled to get there, but how?! I’m also concerned that his notebook will run into trouble — its a little iffy to have the Most Important Key Plot Element be a bunch of paper that could, oh, I don’t know, burn up in a scene like the fire-y arrows.

It’s also apparent that the “antagonist” this season, if we can be loose with that term, is the failure on the part of the O6 to trust one another, and ultimately to trust Ben.  I’ll admit, Ben hasn’t been a Boy Scout, but when you look back and think about his 3AM moment, he was pretty right.  For example, he knew that tragedy would befall the survivors if Jack made the satellite phone call to the freighter.  Lo and behold, only bad things have resulted from that call.

Lingering questions:

  • Sun is on a mission to kill Ben.  Ben is on a mission to kill Penny.  Widmore wants Sun’s help to kill Ben and save Penny.  But what about Desmond? I am not thrilled with the serious tone Sun has affected.
  • Which leads to the obvious question, is Jin really dead? I tend to think so; if that’s the case, that’s a bullshit way to kill one of the series best leading men. Which makes me think he’s not dead.
  • On that note, is Locke really dead? Ben intimated that he wasn’t — that the “body” we see in Los Angeles is somehow not the soul of John Locke.  There’s surely a great story to be told there.
  • What wisdom will Faraday’s mom, at Oxford, impart to Desmond?
  • Are we to believe that the LA scenes, with Ben trying — albeit not with much success — to cull the O6 together take place over the next 70 hours, per Mrs. Hawking’s orders?
  • What if Faraday’s mom is Mrs. Hawking? Is that a stretch?

Now I’ll do the rounds of the blogs.  I’m sure I’ll have more suppositions, and a lot more questions, after I’ve seen what others have to say.

So glad to be back at this! Hooray!

Update: There is some speculation that Pierre Chang’s baby is Miles Strom.  I think that’s great — since Miles has some special powers, he probably got them on the island.  (Pierre Chang aka Marvin Halliwax).


One response to “Lost — Premiere

  1. Haha thanks for the Lost post…I can’t believe you waited a whole day to watch it!?!?

    Thought you might appreciate how silly this is…


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