Lost Redux

After reading and listening to some preliminary thoughts about the first two episodes, I’ve come up with a few others conclusions/musings.

Jay and Jack (who record two great podcasts every week in honor of Lost) made a good point about Sun and Kate.  Off of the island, Sun is extradordinarly strong; she’s taking after her father, as much a reference to her childhood in “The Glass Ballerina” as anything.  She’s not backing down against Widmore, she’s out to avenge her husband.  It’s a far cry from the Sun we first met in Season 1.

It’s clear that since the plane crash, Sun has grown increasingly strong-willed, ballsy even.

On the other hand, Kate on island was a badass.  She made a lot of stupid mistakes, and followed people where she shouldn’t have followed (and involved herself in a wacky love triangle) but she knew what she was doing.  She was on the run from the law, she knew how to shoot a gun — she’d killed her stepdad (or real dad as we later found out) for goodness sake.  And now, with Aaron back in LA, she’s lost all her mojo.  It’s a interesting trajectory.

Another thought: I have a recollection of Ben (back when he was known as Henry Gale) telling Michael that life back in the real world be terrible if people knew that he had killed two women in cold blood on the island.  It was a harsh reminder that there has been so much tragedy on the island, so many deaths, and no one has as yet been accountable for them (that may be an exaggeration, because we’ve ultimately seen karma come back to some folks).  Compare that to watching the O6 and Ben cavort around Los Angeles, at risk of being hauled off by the police at any moment.  Hurley’s had more than one run in with the law, Kate is on the lam from a court order (I’m pretty sure it’s completely unlawful, however, to come to someone’s home and say you need a blood sample without letting them know who has obtained the court order), etc.

So much to ruminate on.  It’s exhausting!

Update: Jack’s crackpot theory is that Sun isn’t out to kill Ben, but is in cahoots with him.  I kind of agree.  More later.


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