Women in the World

I highly recommend reading this Michelle Cottle post from The Plank in its entirety, including the long excerpt she chose to post, about the high-level roles women seek and achieve (or not) in our society.

Cottle hits on something I recall reading a long time ago, by a woman who runs a workshop in San Francisco for the female heads of non profits and other organizations.  Her goal is to teach these smart, educated, well-informed women how to write opinion pieces and to help them get published.  The workshop began as an effort to address the dearth of women on op-ed pages.  Her conclusion was that women are generally less sure of themselves when it comes to asserting their opinion, even on topics they’re extremely knowledgeable about.

Women, the conclusion was, are loathe to call themselves experts on something.  Men, on the other hand, don’t so much mind.  Cottle’s post takes this a step further, saying that even in circumstances where women are experts, they need more time, more rumination to write something they feel would be worth reading in a big magazine or newspaper.  And, in the case of Caroline Kennedy, if she’d been cut-throat enough, if she’d had the gumption to say she deserved the Senate seat, she would have gone for it.

It’s definitely worth thinking about, especially as we consistently question the role of “sexism” in our society and in politics in general.


One response to “Women in the World

  1. Before I’m castrated, I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. I hate Feminists because their argument suggests a life without men. That argument is as toxic as a racist arguing for racial purity on face value. I’m for the advancement of women and diversity. If I’m forced to make a choice between gender and race, well race wins in America. More than half of White people are women and they benefitted from the stupid arguments of racists for years. Now that these arguments are becoming childish and stale, Women want to offer their own arguments? It doesn’t matter if one wears a skirt or a sheet.

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