The Gods Must Be Smiling

If you’ve been under a rock or don’t frequent those lefty blogs, you might not know that today’s Bill Kristol column in the Times is his last.

I guess this means he really did “decide” to leave, or the Times didn’t re-up his contract.  Either way, consider yourself saved from another year of his silly, pedestrian, error-filled words.

His column today asks if Obama will save liberalism.  It’s a shame Bill won’t be around in a few days to give us his answer.


2 responses to “The Gods Must Be Smiling

  1. Yeah, but the hack got a job at the Washington Post. Incompetent sons of powerful fathers. A Republican Theme.

    I guess there is something to be said for having neither money nor power.


  2. Well maybe Kristol stays only a year at the Post, perhaps they will go back to their liberal roots now that Bush is out of office

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