Lost: New Thoughts on an Old Season

I’ve been watching back episodes of Lost, now that the new season has started up, specifically some of the best from Season 4.  It’s an entirely different experience seeing Ben wake up in the Tunisian desert now that we know how he got there, or seeing Locke get a visit from Alpert at 6 years old.

A few stray thoughts went a-tumbleweeding through my brain, which naturally found there way here, for sharing:

1) Keamy.  He kills indiscriminately. He “changes the rules” and shoots Alex, cold-blooded in front of Ben’s eyes.  It’s obvious that he has no intention of letting anyone live should he take hold of Ben.  Omar rigs him with the detonator, so that when Ben kills him in the Orchid, his heartbeat stops, allowing the c-4 on the Kahana to explode.  We can estimate he’s responsible for the deaths of at least twenty people.  And then we are supposed to forget about him?  Talk about a storyline fraught with terror and tears.  Lost fans should have a lot of therapy to recover from the “secondary protocol”.

2) Locke tells Richard to come see him in the hospital on the day he’s born, in 1956.  In Cabin Fever, he’s born prematurely because his mother,  runs out in the street on her way to meet her older paramour, Anthony Cooper, and his hit by a car.  She gives birth at only just 6 months pregnant, and Locke becomes the youngest preemie ever to survive in the hospital.  Richard, creepily, comes to see him in his incubator.  Did Locke’s own pronouncement to Richard in 1954 about the date of his birth in 1956 prompt Emily Locke to run into the street, stupidly, and have her baby early? It’s not really an important question, but it does call up how much of the Lostie’s lives were (are?) determined by what happens in the island time jumping of Season 5.


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