Bowl Bandwagon

We can all agree that people who generally don’t care about football on any other day of the year go out of their way on Superbowl Sunday to exercise their inner-sports fan.

Meredith Viera, on NBC just now, was wearing an Arizona Cardinals jersey as she covered the big day, live from Tampa.  Now, I don’t know if she’s a Cardinals fan at heart, or if her producer suggested she put on the jersey because it’s always cute to see women in men’s sports equipment.  I would have forgiven her if it had ended there.

But then Viera spoke to Tiki Barber, whose brother Ronde, a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, took him on a tour of the city, and concluded her interview with the following: “Yeah, Tiki!” High Five. Segue into awkward handhold. “Yeah, Tiki! Thank you!”

Everyone knows the high five is the consummate expression of sports fans everywhere.  Way to reach out to your audience, Meredith.

This piggybacks on Padma Lakshmi’s turn as a “referee” on the most recent episode of Top Chef.  She wore shirt that resembled a referee’s uniform, but was mainly meant to show off her assets, as she helped to host the show’s “Superbowl” special.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Padma isn’t a football fan.  Just a stab in the dark.

But who knows.  It’s not like I’m miss NFL either.


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