Super Cable Meltdown I

At approximately 7:00 EST, the TV screen went dark.  No more Superbowl.  The only channels available appeared to be MSNBC, TruTv, MTV2, Univision, and CNN International.

Needless to say, we were not happy.  But also thankful we weren’t hosting a Superbowl party.  At least it was just the two of us to be mad.

We started watching CNN International, and discovered that the FARC in Columbia had just released 4 hostages.  Hooray!

This marked the first time I have ever eaten so many buffalo wings in celebration of a hostage release.

When fifteen minutes passed and nothing had happened, I decided to call Time Warner.  An automated message said they were experiencing a high volume of calls, and would call us back in 15 to 20 minutes.  That pretty much solved the question of whether or not we were the only Time Warner customers experiencing this “difficulty”.

Poor, poor Time Warner employee who called me back 15 minutes later.  I told him our channels had gone out, preventing us from watching the Superbowl and he feebily queried, “Are you in the Athens area, miss?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“We are experiencing a problem with our cable boxes in Athens.  We expect to have the issue cleared up within the hour, but in the meantime, you can disconnect the cable from your cable box and plug it directly from the wall into your TV.”

I’m not about to go to the trouble of messing with the wires behind my TV, which would then interfere with by internet and cable.  I’ll wait.  And I’ll be mad at Time Warner in the meantime.  But I feel terrible for the poor guy whose bad luck it is to have to not only work during the Superbowl, but be part of the reconnaissance effort when the cable boxes go down.

I can only imagine how many times he had to hear a very, very angry Steelers fan (there are many here in town) scream that he was missing the biggest game of his life.

In any case, the cable box came back just in time for us to catch the Steelers make that amazing interception/touchdown at the very end of the 2nd.  And to see Bruce deliver an excellent Halftime show.  It seemed like a real moment in American unity, if that doesn’t sound terribly hokey.


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