Lost: The Little Prince

Confession: I never read The Little Prince, which is probably why I can’t think of a reason why this episode should have been named after the famous book.

To top last week’s episode would have been extraordinarily tough, and as this episode began I thought how much I had forgotten about the producers’ habit of giving us throw away episodes after the first few, before the climb to the end of the season begins.  When Locke was droning on to Sawyer about having to get back to the Orchid and the Lady Doctor was reaming out Jack, I was like, “Boooooring.”

I already knew Claire’s mama was guest starring; naturally I assumed she was the person after Aaron.

And then! We see Kate in the jungle! Near confirmation that Miles is Chang’s kid! Claire Littleton doesn’t know anything about Aaron! Ben hired Norton to take Aaron! No wait, Ben was just helping Hurley get out of jail! No wait, Ben did hire Norton to take Aaron! The Frenchies! Rousseau’s boat! OMG IT’S JIN!!

What began as a dud ended on a definite high note.  How thrilling.

I’m assuming that when the Left Behinds got to the beach, discovered it empty, and commondeered the boat, they were in the future.  How else to explain the Lostie’s camp in a state of disarray like that?  We’ve never seen those boats before — but I was surprised they ended the conceit so quickly.  As soon as Charlotte said the items on the beach looked like a fresh crash I had a feeling we would see Danielle Rousseau.  But to add Jin into the mix was pretty clever.

Poor guy.  He’s been through an explosion, saw his wife fly away in a helicopter, has been floating around in the sea for god knows how long, and is woken up by a woman whose name he knows, but who does not look at all like she should.  I can only imagine he was like, “What the f**k?”

How will the Left Behinds find him?  Will they? Can we expect to learn more about Rousseau? I hope so.  That’s a story a lot of folks doubted — I guess her spirit has been vindicated.

Will Claire Littleton now start asking questions? I’d be shocked if she could have walked away from that conversation with Jack without putting all of the puzzle pieces together: My daughter was very pregnant when she left for Los Angeles on Flight 815.  Kate’s pregnancy/birth story was heavily questioned by reporters.  Hmmm.

Faraday told Miles that he believes the nose-bleeding/brain-bending depends on your time spent on the Island.  He doesn’t question Charlotte’s bleeding, and then Miles says he’s only spent 2 weeks on the Island compared to Locke, Juliet and Sawyer.  Faraday obviously doesn’t believe him.  So we can all start supposing even more that Miles is the baby that cries in “Because You Left” belonging to Chang and mystery woman.  Later, Juliet also begins to bleed, which makes sense considering she has spent three years on Island.

Now – are we assuming now that Charlotte grew up on the Island? And Miles did too? I’d like some answers.

I guess we’re having a showdown at Slip 23 next week.  If only Hurley were there Ben and Mrs. Hawking would be able to get the whole gang back to the Island!  The preview showed Ben telling Sun that Jin is alive and he can prove it.  Did his mystery team from the butcher’s shop tell him? He’s uncannily clever.  It never ends.  No wonder he’s been able to outwit Widmore for so many years.


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