Of VIN Numbers and Auto Workers

Most households have long, drawn out mini-arguments over whether or not to buy American, union made cars.

Oh. Really?

Just mine?

My family are longtime buyers of Toyota vehicles, as they offer consistely excellent value and safety.  I drive a 2004 Toyota Corolla; I’m already coveting the brand new Toyota Venza (all-wheel drive!).  All of this really rankles Dave, who believes very much in the buying UAW cars and supporting the American auto industry.  Which I can’t say I disagree with, but I’m going to drive the car that Consumer Reports ranks highest for safety and value — those things matter more to me than where the car is made or who puts it together.

Furthering our healthy debate, today Dave sent me a list of UAW/CAW cars, considered acceptable by the AFL-CIO. His intention, of course, was to rub it in that I drive a car that isn’t approved by American Labor.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions: the 2004 Toyota Corolla is on the list! Only some Corollas are made in the United States.  Those with VIN numbers beginning with 1,4, or 5 were made in the U.S. Lo and behold, my car has a VIN number that begins with 1.

Jackpot. Argument over. I win! And so do America’s auto workers.


One response to “Of VIN Numbers and Auto Workers

  1. Several Toyotas are manufactured in the US. But we are just being rational consumers. If you want people to buy more American cars the answer is simple – build better cars.


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