Republicans Doing Silly Things (What Else is New?)

I loathe Politico, but sometimes a Republican says something so stupid and Politico catches it first that I have to give them the link.

Jim Bunning, Republican Senator of Kentucky, said that he gives Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg 9 months to live.  Ginsberg, he said, has the kind of cancer (pancreatic) that no one lives more than 9 months after being diagnosed with.

Come on, Bunning. No one wants their obituary written before their dead.  Least of all someone who has been given a good (and I hope honest) prognosis.  I think we all know that Ginsberg’s time on the court isn’t going to last another 4 years…but really.  Let’s not go around putting our foot in our mouth for absolutely no reason.


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