Obama’s Hole in One

Oh, yeah. And Obama was AWESOME !!!

Other take aways: Nancy’s weird green tunic thing, not so awesome. Michelle’s eggplant outfit: killer. Clinton looked electrified.

Barbara Boxer was interviewed by Keith Olbermann a few minutes after Jindal’s speech.  She said Obama’s speech was a “home run, a touchdown, and a three pointer,” and then asked Olbermann if those analogies worked for him.


One response to “Obama’s Hole in One

  1. Freemon SandleWould

    If by awesome you mean vapid and as always when hips lips move he’s lying.

    Can’t wait to see him lose in 2012!

    And its hard to find anyone weirder than Olbermann with his animal husbandry degree. What is animal husbandry anyway?????

    Awesomely quiet in here!

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