LOST 5.08: LaFleur

Oy.  I’ve been a terrible blogger this week.  I think I’ve written five posts since the last time I said something about Lost, which makes Little Choward on the Prairie more like a Baby Gawker than like a grown up blog about serious things.

Nonetheless, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about last night’s episode, not leats of all because it’s the last one we’re getting until March 18th.  Two whole Lost-less weeks.  You may think I’m kidding, but everytime this show comes back on the air I wonder what I did during the many months hiatus.  It’s very consuming.  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about Pierre Chang, if that names means anything to you.

I’ll start by saying that I was pretty incredulous about the Juliet/Sawyer thing at first.  I had a lot of trouble buying that they had fallen in love over the course of three years.  Three years, I thought, just like Horace, is not a lot of time.  And then I realized that I met the person I’m in love with a little over two years ago.  Three years ago I’m pretty sure I was dating a scumbag bartender/college failure.  Times sure do change!

After re-watching the episode, I got a sense for how much I like Juliet’s character.  She’s caring and sensitive; she pines for the people she left behind.  Not that I’ve ever been a fan of the Sawyer/Kate relationship, but I had sort of figured they were meant for each other.  Both severely screwed up people who deserve one another.  Kate really lost me when she bitched out Locke in the last episode.  I thought she was audacious and rude.  She hardly deserves to be with the wonderful person that Sawyer has become.  She (at least at some point) deserved Jack, who was as messed up as she was while they were back in Los Angeles.

Which brings me to an interesting point.  True Lost fans gave up a long time ago on the idea the end point of the the show had to be with our 815 passengers getting off the Island.  At a certain point we realized that the survivors were experiencing more fulfilling lives on the Island — to send them home, en masse, no explanation, that’s that, would have been a contradictory to the lessons the first two seasons taught us.  And yet, knowing that the 06 made it off the Island gave us reason to believe that they had hope in the real world.  But for the 06, life has been nothing but trouble.  Hurley went back to Santa Rosa.  Sun thought Jin was dead and started down a paranoid/gun wielding/leave your daughter all the way home in Korea path.  Kate and Jack broke up, Jack broke down and got addicted to painkillers.  Sayid’s wife was killed and he became a hired assassin.  Aaron…let’s just say that boy is going to have a lot of family issues when he gets old enough to understand everything.

By contrast, the people who were left on the Island managed to get themselves a pretty good gig.  Juliet and Sawyer fell in love, went domestic, and started doing worthy jobs.  As far as we could see Jin and Miles were both okay — even if Jin still wondered about Sun, at least he labored under the apprehension that she was alive.  Who would have thought that those left behind would enjoy a higher quality of life than those who got to leave?


  • At Comic Con last year, Pierre Chang starred in a video in which he tried to warn people from the future about what was going to happen to the members of the DHARMA Initiative.  He knew who the President was in the early 2000s, and knew that the DI was going to one day be wiped out in a purge of some sort.  At the time I was spooked, and thought Chang had obtained his information from some funky DI future monitor.  Now we can assume that he is told this stuff by our 815ers.  When/if we get to see this exchange of information, I’m not sure.
  • I would have liked to see the Left Behinds meet kid Ben, but he may not have arrived on the Island yet.  Lostpedia puts his arrival in 1976/77, which is right about the time we’re getting to in the next episode, Namaste.  Maybe that’s a conceit the producers don’t care about…but I sort of think it’s and important point to make.
  • I am fully of the belief that what is happening now was destined to happen, because it always happened.  The title of episode 5:11 is ‘What Happened, Happened,’ which fits in really nicely with this idea.  So, if Sawyer met Richard Alpert in 1974 and gave him dead Paul to take back to his people, it always happened.  It doesn’t matter if it had ever happened “before.”  In the present and future that Sawyer is in now, it happened and there is no changing that.  The past — as it were — has changing in accordance.  What happened, happened.
  • Ben and Locke and the other 316ers are in 2008.  How will they get the 06, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, and Daniel up to speed?  Maybe they don’t.  Maybe those folks are destined to live their lives from 1977 on up, so that, as some have suggested, Grandpa Ray is actually Jack.  I doubt it.  I think they will have to come back to 2008, but only after they have done the things in 1977 that will faciliate their own arrival on the Island in 2004.  I’m confident that something has to happen which will stop the Losties from this loop — something to set them free.  I’d like to think that freedom is on the Island…but who in the hell knows anything anymore.

For now, that’s all I’ve got.  We’ve got two weeks to work it out, though.


2 responses to “LOST 5.08: LaFleur

  1. Nice re-cap! Since you mentioned my blog in your previous one, I decided to pop over and leave a comment. I hope that’s okay!

    I still stand behind what I wrote as my personal understanding of Lost’s time-travel theory (which has nothing to do with where the 316ers and O5 are, by the way…), and I think you and I have similar views on a majority of those concepts.

    Where I have a problem with a 100% “what happened, happened” theory is dealing with the loops and the “special” people. Daniel didn’t always talk to Desmond…he could because he was special. Some loops are opened, and will eventually be closed, little tributaries off the original stream.

    We don’t know all the rules, so it’s hard to be certain about anything!

    That being said, I love coming up with new theories (most of which I never publish and are broken to pieces with the following episode. LOL!) I love that we have no idea what’s going. I also love that I’ve found a forum like Therese’s blog to discuss these things!

    But, if the truth be told, I’m just glad we know who’s in the coffin.


  2. Oh, and I just posted another comment on the Tubular blog about the “what happened, happened” thing, but you’ll have to wait until it posts over there. 🙂

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